A garden log cabin where to relax in privacy – setting up a hot tub cabin

Have you already created a cosy lounge or barbeque area in your garden, but your garden is still missing a relaxation area that you and your family can use to unwind after a long working week? One of the best relaxation techniques to reduce stress is hydrotherapy. However, if you don’t enjoy visiting water therapy classes and prefer to relax alone or with your loved ones, it’s a good idea to set up a hot tub log cabin in your garden. This way you get a private spa area, where you can enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy whenever you want! Keep reading this article if you want to learn more about setting up a hot tub in a log cabin!

Choosing the right log cabin

If you’d like to set up a hot tub log cabin, the two most important things to take care of are a high-quality log cabin and a hydrotherapy hot tub. To choose a log cabin for such a purpose, you must pay attention to the quality of the timber structure, the size, and the design. In terms of the quality, a home spa area is an investment that should serve you for a long time, therefore, pay attention to the timber and construction system used for the model you like, to make sure it will be stable and durable enough. The second aspect to consider is the size – the log cabin must be big enough for the hot tub. You also have to decide if you’d like to have an extra room in the building, where to set up a lounge or a sauna. Lastly, while looking for the right log cabin, evaluate what kind of design would be a better fit for your home spa concept. Maybe it’s a log cabin with a canopy, where to have a glass of wine after the water procedures or maybe a log cabin with glass sliding walls, so you can slide the wall open end enjoy your garden?

Log cabin insulation

If you have found a log cabin that meets your requirements in terms of quality, size, and design, the next thing to consider is the insulation. With an insulated log cabin, you will be able to enjoy the hot tub regardless of the weather. A proper insulation will keep the structure cool in the summer, while warm and dry in the winter. Therefore, before purchasing a log cabin, make sure it’s suitable for wall, roof, and floor insulation. In addition, remember to build a quality log cabin base – this will help with the longevity of your log cabin!

Choose a hot tub

When you have found the right log cabin, it’s time to choose the hot tub. Depending on your budget and wishes, you can opt for either a jacuzzi or a hot tub with many different features and settings.

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