how to prepare yourself for the next season

How to prepare yourself for the next season

Because of the bad weather, it is not possible to practice a motor cross race during winter. These races are always ride on a dirt road. During winter, there is more rain and snow and that makes it impossible to race safely. Also, the low temperature is not helping at all. If the road is stuck in frost, accidents will happen because it is slippery. For a proper race, these are impossible circumstances. But, if you can’t race during winter, is there something else you can do to prepare yourself for the next season? Yes, you definitely can.

Take some rest

The most important thing when the season has ended, is taking some rest. Riding a lot of races puts great pressure on your body and you need to recover from that. Take care of yourself, sleep a lot and eat healthy. Then, your body will recover quickly.

Set goals

When you had enough rest, it is time to look forward. You need to set some goals. When you know what you want to achieve, you have enough time to work on that goal. Make sure that the goals you set are measurable. Because, when the season is over, you can easily check which goals are achieved and which has failed.


Winter time is a suitable period to practise and to test some things. You need to get to know yourself very well. Watch some videos and learn what your strongest and weakest points are. Make the strongest points more strong and practice as much as you can for your weakest points. Next to knowing a lot about yourself, you need to know a lot about your material. Your motor needs to be okay and work properly. Maybe you need to change some equipment. You can buy your equipment at Dal Soggio.


Winter period is a good moment to check the planning for the next season. Check when races will be ride and which one you want to ride. After knowing this, you can set up a training schedule together with your trainer. It makes sure that you are in the best condition in every race.

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